Save Some Cash on Beer!

We love beer. No. Seriously. We LOVE beer.

In our quest to find great deals on beer, we'd sift through the weekly ads, looking for the best prices on our favorite drink. If we found one, we'd email or call each other and report the deal. Beer buddies!

Then we had this idea...

tl_files/images/beeridea.jpgKnow what would be great? If people ALL OVER THE COUNTRY could do the same thing. Everyone could share on the beery-deliciousness at a discount. WINNER! And, best of all, we'd all be beer buddies!

SaveOnBrew.Com's mission is to show the lowest price on beer at retailers in YOUR area. Coast to coast. Sea to shining sea!*

How do we do it? Two words: computer magic.

The core SOB gang is made up of Mark Davidson, Jennifer Davidson, James Smith, and Nancy Smith (and a host of supporting players from across the globe) all dedicated to getting the beer deals TO YOU. For ALL inquiries use our handy-dandy contact form!

(*) OK. Not every state. Pennsylvania, Alaska, Delaware, Indiana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Wyoming and Puerto Rico have laws prohibiting the sale of beer in one way or another. Hey, you states, you guys know this is 2012, right?  SELL BEER THE AMERICAN WAY!

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