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Welcome to our four-part innovative, exciting, and medically sound advice** on dealing with cranial beluvial thrombosis, better known as ... the hangover.

PART 1 - We've all been there.

PROFESSOR OBVIOUS STATES: "Remember, the more you drunk, the drinker you get!"

Between the three of us here at SaveOnBrew.Com, we guess we've had somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 hangovers. We have experience. That's about 41 years of having a hangover...

Every. Single. Day.

James says "I swear by vitamin B and some orange slices."

Greg says "Hair of the dog. Seriously. I just roll right into my next buzz." (EDITORS NOTE: Get Greg Help)

Hair of the dog... maybe not so good? 

Hair of the dog... maybe not so good?

Mark says"I'm sort of with Greg. Awake time is beer time. But if I have to, oh, I dunno, go to work or something, I force myself to drink 24 ounces of water and some sort of aspirin. Something to thin the blood."

All good ideas. On the next few pages are a few more. Some tried. Sorme true. Some... questionable.

Before we jump into how to get rid of them, let's look at how you got here in the first place: you downed one too-many bowls of loud-mouthed soup last night.


Hopefully you didn't do anything to embarrass yourself, though odds are, you did. Pray there were no cameras. But in this day and age, you're probably screwed and you're gonna end up on YouTube. Or worse.

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** We're not doctors. We don't give medical advice. Seriously. You're getting medical advice from THE INTERNET? I mean, c'mon? Really?

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