February 2011

Beer on the rocks? Say it ain't so!

02.27.2011 06:00 AM (comments: 0)

NYC's Mayor Bloomberg recently made a startling revelation. He takes his beer on the rocks. tl_files/images/Blog/bloomberg.jpg And man-oh-man did he pick the worst time to make this startling, horrific revelation!

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ALL the beer ads from Superbowl 2011!

02.20.2011 09:16 AM (comments: 0)

Here they are, in order of appearance. Kind of a weak crop this year. Anyway... Laugh. Drink a beer. Be merry. FIRST QUARTER

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Big Flats 1901. A good year for beer?

02.13.2011 07:12 AM (comments: 0)

We're not beer snobs. Sure, our charter is to bring you the lowest advertised beer prices across the country on sale at grocery, liquor, and drug stores, but even GREAT beers go on sale now-and-again. But this is about cheap beer...

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Superbowl Sunday and... best. Beer. EVAR!?

02.06.2011 15:13 PM (comments: 0)

Here at saveonbrew.com, not only do we bring you the best advertised deals on brew, but we also like to point out, from time to time, how frickin' great our country is!

Not only is it Superbowl Sunday, a celebration of all American excess, but it's also time to point out what might be the best beer can. EVAR!

Ol' Glory Beer:

Included on the can:

Images of U.S. Marines

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