October 2011

hangover cures

10.17.2011 12:32 PM (comments: 0)

Anyone who has taken their time to visit SaveOnBrew is obviously someone who loves beer. Obviously, your love for those delicious suds has gone far beyond the average beer drinkers normal range.

It is also then pretty safe to assume that you have, at one time or another, imbibed far too much, and been forced to spend a large part of the following day in abject pain and misery.

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SaveOnBrew 2011 NFL Stadium Beer Price Review

10.16.2011 08:26 AM (comments: 0)


SaveOnBrew.Com (www.saveonbrew.com) has released their 2011 beer price findings for all 31 NFL stadiums.

Not surprisingly, prices edged up, but not as much as you might think. The average increase across all teams was just four percent. Of course, when prices start at five dollars for a sixteen ounce serving, every little penny tacked on hurts.

NFL Beer Prices - teaser

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