February 2012

Craft Beer on a Budget

02.25.2012 06:00 AM (comments: 0)

Let’s face it, fellow assholes, we drink craft beer because we think we’re better than everyone else.

I know it stings...

... That's how you know it's the truth. Wink

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SaveOnBrew's NBA Arena Beer Price Breakdown 2011-2012!

02.22.2012 04:00 AM (comments: 0)

Oh, NBA, how we love you.

Where else can we watch gigantic tattooed men THUNDER down the floor at a medium jog and SLAM the ball through a hoop!

By the way, Air Jordan owns (or pwns, depending on your age...) the vertical leap title with a whopping 48 inches! That's 4 inches more than King James!

Suck it, James!










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Hey! We're mobile now!

02.18.2012 20:48 PM (comments: 0)

Hey SaveOnBrew-averse! Your friends here at SaveOnBrew are FREAKIN' DELIGHTED to say...



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02.17.2012 05:00 AM (comments: 0)

Over the past five years, we’ve wisely (IMHO) opted to smote beers like Old Milwaukee, Bud Select and Miller Genuine Draft.

Their sales obviously didn’t plummet because we stopped drinking beer. I’d like to think that Americans are foregoing the beers our fathers and grandfathers favored because we’re getting more mature and refined in our taste.

Granddad was the honey badger of his time. He didn’t give a shit if his beer tasted good. He'd drink straight from the bottle of Kessler and whisper to me "each one takes 5 years off grandma."

(Not really my Grandma!)

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America's Most Hated Beers!

02.11.2012 09:00 AM (comments: 0)

Before you go jumping down my throat, keep in mind that my upcoming list is based purely on beer sales – not which beers may or may not have given me a skull-crushing hangover in the past (or which boys I may or may not have dumped over their questionable love of skunkwater).

To be clear, we’re talking about beers that have dramatically fallen out of favor in America over the past 5 or 6 years.

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