March 2012

Three Best Beers To Give Your Friends For An April Fools' Day Joke

03.26.2012 20:04 PM (comments: 0)

Being born on April Fools’ Day isn’t as glamorous as you’d think.

One year, my sister put a pickled beet in the middle of my cake and made me throw up all over the place before I’d even started drinking. What a bitch, right? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to be born on April Fools’ Day to act a fool and ruin your friends’ lives with these three so-bad-they’re-good beer selections.

 Ed Hardy Premium Beer

First of all, let me start by saying that people who like Ed Hardy for anything more than tattoos are dumb twits.

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SaveOnBrew's Stupid State Beer Laws

03.17.2012 09:51 AM (comments: 0)

Oh you States with your whacky beer laws. Don't deny the plebes, for they shalt rise up and smite thee if the golden nectar is denied!

Alaska – In Fairbanks, Alaska, it is illegal to give beer to moose. Once they get on it, they’re hooked!

They're downright insatiable! Pretty soon they’re trampling suburban housewives in the parking lots to tear into their groceries in search of cans to munch on and getting stuck in trees!

Arizona – An obviously intoxicated person can only stay for 30 minutes at the establishment that recognized he was drunk. I’d imagine people could get pretty good at slamming drinks in that period of time. “Aw, shit, Pepe’s drunk again. Load him up and bleed his wallet dry before we gotta send him onto the next bar.”

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Beer Taxes by State aka How You're Getting Screwed Yet Again

03.13.2012 18:32 PM (comments: 0)

How much tax will you pay on a can of beer?

The answer is: it depends. Specifically, it depends upon which U.S. state you might be in when you buy that 12-ounce container of 4.7% alcohol-by-volume beer that you'll be taking "off-premise" to consume. The good news is that the Tax Foundation has mapped it all out for you!

As we can see, both Alabama and Georgia are by far the most expensive places in the U.S. to buy and consume a beer "off-premise".

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Drink Beer and Lose Weight!

03.10.2012 08:29 AM (comments: 0)

Yeah, I went through that phase. “There has to be SOME kind of light beer that doesn’t taste like total shit,” I told my husband. “There MUST be some palatable diet beer while I’m slogging away at this last 10 pounds.”

There’s really no way to sugarcoat the stock of light beers on the market. They suck.

Every last one of them is awful.

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The Best Beer Drinking Songs By Genre

03.03.2012 07:48 AM (comments: 0)

(... and the beers that go with them)

If anything is true in life, it’s that music and beer go together like barley and hops. In fact, I'm shocked there isn't some country duo called 'Barley and Hops' -- "He's Scott Barley... and I'm Barney Hops... together, we're Barley and Hops!"

Here are a few music and beer pairings you can whet your whistle and stomp your feet to.

“Sorry For Party Rocking” (LMFAO)

Genre: Club

If you don’t hate LMFAO by now (after that Kia commercial, New Year’s Eve and the Super Bowl), then this jam is a “must” for your beer pong tournament. “I’m true to the game too, it’s called beer pong and I can’t lose,” they sing. And when everyone gets real drunk, you can play that song encouraging the girls to “do something crazy – like flash your titties!”


Pair With: Budweiser,Stella Artois, Dos Equis, Mich Ultra

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