May 2012

SaveOnBrew's Best Cheap American Beers

05.29.2012 15:33 PM (comments: 0)

If you were in Hanoi, Vietnam, you’d be able to find a beer comparable to a Bud Light for just 16 cents per glass.

shiner bock

In America, finding cheap, palatable beer can be a challenge. You might always have that Guinness guilty pleasure in your fridge, but SaveOnBrew brings you 15 honest beers to stock as your “everyday budget brew.”

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Stanley Cup 2012 -- fill the cup with BEER!

05.27.2012 15:44 PM (comments: 0)

Stanley Cup time!  Gonna drink a beer while taking in the spectacle? It's gonna cost you...

This is for the 2011 - 2012 Season!

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Beer at the NBA finals? It'll set you back a few bucks!

05.27.2012 15:30 PM (comments: 0)

SaveOnBrew gathers beer prices at all of the NBA arena's. Gotta be sure those fellas get paid!

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Best Summer Beers

05.16.2012 12:58 PM (comments: 0)

Recently, TIME Magazine published a feature about the best beers for the summer. We anticipate that you’re a discerning beer drinker who can appreciate that there are different flavors for different seasons – and that you won’t stubbornly cling to your Miller High Life all year round

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King of Craft Beers

05.12.2012 14:06 PM (comments: 0)

[HFBEER] Samuel Adams

BEANTOWN BREWMASTER | Jim Koch, CEO of Boston Beer Co.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN the small get big? Craft beer is at a turning point. While upstart breweries continue to blossom—more than 150 opened last year—the companies that started the movement two and three decades ago have grown into relative giants

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The 6 Best Breakfast Beers

05.08.2012 12:20 PM (comments: 0)

You’re always grabbing breakfast on the run, and it usually doesn’t include a cold one. Because beer is an essential part of your daily diet, we’re replacing your go-to morning munchies with suds of similar taste. Rise and shine with a breakfast of beers.

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Bubble has not burst on craft beer market

05.08.2012 08:00 AM (comments: 0)

This article originally appeared HERE via the Washington Post.

Craft beer sales grew by 15 percent in 2011. (Jason E. Kaplan)
“The world almost seems flipped on its side — a revolution has happened,” reported Benj Steinman, president of the trade publication Beer Marketer’s Insight, in assessing the state of craft brewing.

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Can Beer Save America?

05.07.2012 19:36 PM (comments: 0)

This article originally seen HERE on Salon.

The redemption of the economy may start with the type of brew you keep in your fridge


(Credit: iStockphoto/Stratol)

The grand unifying theory of the American consumer has been that we are, first and foremost, low price fetishists.

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Best Baseball Parks to Enjoy a Craft Beer

05.05.2012 10:54 AM (comments: 0)

Originally found HERE on Beer Universe.

Most baseball parks have caught on with the craft beer wave.

To evaluate the heavy hitters, I comprised a baseball lineup of the best ballparks to enjoy craft beer.



Today’s starting lineup...




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