June 2012

Beer News: AB InBev Buys Modelo For $20.1 Billion

06.30.2012 20:53 PM (comments: 0)

They lied to me in high school. My history teacher looked me dead in the eye and said, "Because of Theodore Roosevelt -- the Trust-Buster President -- we no longer have giant corporate monopolies." Sure, "Trust-Buster"sounds cute and all, but how would she explain the fact that 4 brewers (AB InBev, SABMiller, Heineken and Carlsberg) now control 50 percent of the global beer market?


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6 Delicious Beer & Hot Dog Pairings

06.30.2012 16:58 PM (comments: 0)

You don't have to pay $40 a ticket for a decent food and beer pairing. Hell, give me a dog fresh off the grill and a glass of sudsy and I'm happier than a Hobo with a ham sandwich. With the 4th of July this week, we thought we'd share a few of our favorite hot dog and beer pairing combos with you.

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Drink Beer Like A Founding Father

06.30.2012 15:38 PM (comments: 0)

America has been a nation of beer lovers since its very inception. Our founding forefathers were noteable home brewers. This Independence Day, SaveOnBrew will take a closer look at how well these early traditions have been preserved over the years. 


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The Art of Marathon Drinking Without Passing Out

06.30.2012 14:41 PM (comments: 0)

Let it be said: we only condone "responsible" drinking here at SaveOnBrew. Yet, we understand that Independence Day is rapidly approaching... the beer will be flowing like honey from the Promised Land... the BBQ will start at noon and end at midnight... your friends will be guilting you into finishing off the keg...

You need to keep pace or risk ridicule (and public shame via Instagram.) SaveOnBrew would like to offer the following tips for staying awake and coherent while polishing off a 12-pack over the course of a very long day. 

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SaveOnBrew Announces Beer Maps!

06.26.2012 08:59 AM (comments: 0)

Hey Gang!  Today's the day we roll out Beer Maps powered by SaveOnBrew!

Imagine a brewer in Texas. A small brewer. Just trying to get by. They can't afford an IT service, IT staff, systems, administrative efforts, etc. They need to tell their customers where their beer is.


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Why Is My Beer So Darn Expensive? -- PART 3

06.21.2012 10:18 AM (comments: 0)

In part 1we discussed the idea of a Stock Market ticker for beer... how DC is getting boned on beer prices while hippies double-fist craft brews down on Haight Street in San Fran... and why cheap beer is like a McDonald's hamburger. In part 2we talked about wholesale mob bosses... dudes who make a living breaking their backs for beer... and small town rotten bastards who tax everything we love to ruin our lives. In part 3/3, shit gets real. We discuss how some have turned to "The Dark Side"... we also discuss retailer tricks to make us think we're getting a bargain... and how craft brew scarcity is nothing more than fearmongering. (Don't worry... we have a solution!) 

jack rose

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Why Is My Beer So Darn Expensive? -- PART 2

06.21.2012 10:08 AM (comments: 0)

In part 1, we discussed how ingredients and different cities across America dictate the price of our favorite drink. Yet, there is so much more to the price of beer than meets the eye! Broken-down backs, sky-high rents and rotten bastards all come into play in the second ring of our Beer Price Hell.

flying dog

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Why Is My Beer So Darn Expensive? -- PART 1

06.21.2012 09:56 AM (comments: 0)

Imagine watching a stock market ticker – only, instead of seeing Facebook stock plummet and Merck stock soar – you’re watching BEER… nothing but BEER.

On a giant digital screen, in real time, you can watch how the beer you’re drinking begins to drop in price with every pint you buy.

It’s mind-boggling, really... but you can do just that at The Big Board burger pub on H Street NE in Washington, DC!

So, for instance, if you see that New Belgium Ranger IPA drops down 50 cents to $6.50 a pint, you might be inclined to order that next.

Yet, if you’re not quick enough – the kegs will run dry before you can even say, “Bartender, I’ll have another!”

The question we explore in this 3-part series... Why does our beer cost so darn much?

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Ad Age Uncovers Popular Beer Stereotypes

06.19.2012 10:00 AM (comments: 0)

A few years ago, Mindset Media interviewed over 2,600 people to find common threads between beer drinkers. They were surprised to learn there were so many distinctive personalities that "popped" out...

Which Type of Beer Drinker Are You?

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5 Pilsners To Try This Summer

06.18.2012 14:13 PM (comments: 0)

When it's hot out, you want something light and refreshing. That's why God invented Pilseners. The US Beer Open Championships breaks down Pilseners into three distinct types: Bohemian, German and American. Without getting too technical, let me break it down for you:

  • Bohemian - Light to Amber Color, Medium Sweet Malt Body, Moderate Bitterness, Noble Hops, Low Corn / Sulphur Flavor, Toasty Biscuit Characteristic Possible. 
  • German - Light to Golden Color, Medium-Light Sweet Malt Body, Stronger Noble Hops Flavor, Low Corn, Trace Evidence of Sulphur Compounds, Fruity Esters Perceived.
  • American - Light in Color and Body, Very Carbonated, Clean/Crisp, Light Malt, Corn / Grain Flavor Evident, Hops Is Barely Noticeable, Light Fruity Esters Possible, Balanced.

Here are 5 cool, refreshing pilseners to try this summer...


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