July 2012

Brit Beer To Swill For The Olympics

07.27.2012 16:34 PM (comments: 0)

Who doesn't love the Olympics? If you're not drunk enough on patriotic pride, then it would behoove you to use this as an excuse to partake in the best beer of Britain. While we're drinking their beer for plebs, they'll be samplingElephant Ale, a reproduction of a beer recipe from 1908 (the last time London hosted the Olympics.) Good luck being one of the 650 people to get their hands on it! Here are 5 cheeky British brews you can find at your local beer store... 

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5 Tasty Craft Beer Collaborations

07.21.2012 10:04 AM (comments: 0)

This year, we'll see over 250 separate one-off collaborations. Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione explains, “I think it’s very symbolic of the craft-brewing world, altruistic and mutually supportive. One brewer who might not have a following in a market will be reaching new people.” Here are 5 collaborative craft brews to get you started.

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5 Super Weird Beers Brewed In America

07.21.2012 09:05 AM (comments: 0)

There is nothing new about creating odd beer. George Washington made molasses beer, which actually sounds a lot better than it tastes. Going even further back, Ancient Egyptians were known to throw all sorts of weird ingredients into their primitive brews -- chamomile, oregano, olive oil, mugwort, hemp, poppy, cheese, you name it. To be fair, we're talking over 5,000 years before the German Purity Law was passed in 1516. So without further ado, let's look at some modern creations and 5 of the weirdest beers in America.

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10 Ways To Find Cheap Beer On A Cruise Ship

07.13.2012 12:49 PM (comments: 0)

Going on a cruise this summer? I assume you don't want to double the cost of your vacation with an exorbitant beer tab. It's easy to drink like a fish on vacation, but there are still ways to find cheap booze at sea.

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This Summer... Beer For Dogs?

07.13.2012 12:01 PM (comments: 0)

It's no secret that humans are not the only species with a palate for beer...


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Why Does My Beer Taste Like Band-Aids?

07.06.2012 13:19 PM (comments: 0)

funk beer

Drinking with Dad is a weekly pastime. Suffice to say... We've enjoyed a LOT of beers together. We've also discovered some truly sick flavors. As soon as my Dad sipped the beer we'd ordered, I knew what he was thinking. I was thinking it too: BAND-AIDS. Once you taste the Band-Aid flavor, you are never the same again. You never fully trust a new beer until the first sip goes down smooth.

A mug should be a safe haven for the palate. It shouldn't be a zone where the taste of skunk juice or Band-Aids. I should never be forced to imagine I'm drinking out of a sweaty tennis shoe. I shouldn't feel like I've just licked the hide of a dairy cow. Seriously. I don't want even a hint of these flavors. I know Harry Potter wizards are busy making Jelly-Bellies, but they have no place making beer.

I set out to discover exactly HOW this Godforsaken taste wound up in my beer.

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