August 2012

Will Obama Cough Up The White House Beer Recipe?

08.24.2012 11:30 AM (comments: 0)

News of the president's underground brewing operation leaked during a recent campaign stop in Iowa. The beer is fully paid for by Obama personally and has been used for White House events like Superbowl and St. Patrick's Day parties. The brew is made using honey harvested from Michelle's bee colony out back. Now craft brewers are clamoring for the president's recipe! Find out how you can get involved...

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Free Beer: How America's Craft Brew Explosion Will Defeat The Recession

08.24.2012 10:36 AM (comments: 0)

It's a great time to live in America. Since June 2011, a new craft brewery has opened its doors every day! There are more than 2,126 breweries operating across the country. The Brewer's Association tells us that it takes 104,000 workers to churn out our insatiable demand for MORE BEER.

Craft beers saw a 14 percent surge in popularity, beer gardens are opening in record numbers, and prices are falling as competition increases. Basically, the industry is the strongest it's been since the end of Prohibition in the 1930s!


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Why Women Are Better Beer Tasters

08.17.2012 13:48 PM (comments: 0)

Men get a lot of street cred for buying 72.8 percent of the world's beer. 

But come on, now: if you're a woman... when was the last time you paid for the beer you drank?

To add insult to injury, studies show women are superior beer tasters too!


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10 Steps To Having A Better Day

08.17.2012 12:46 PM (comments: 0)

Having a rough day? Feel like you have the worst luck? Sick of just about everything in your life right now? Don't worry... there are at least 10 things you can do to dig out of this rut and find happiness again!

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Craft Brewing Explodes in Toronto

08.13.2012 18:51 PM (comments: 0)

A lot has changed since I moved to New York from Toronto in 2007. When I left my bar stool, everyone was drinking imports like Stella or the ever-so-cheap Bohemian Lager brewed by Molson. Most of the time, I drank Vodka-Crans… because I couldn’t stomach the idea of paying $11 for a bloody PINT. Spending the weekend in my old stomping grounds again really blew my mind and made me realize that the craft brew explosion isn’t just an American trend – but a larger phenomenon that is spreading like wildfire. The beers coming out of Toronto are so tasty, you won’t feel so bad about shelling out a fortune for them!

mill st

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Container Wars: Cans vs. Bottles

08.13.2012 16:04 PM (comments: 0)

Begun they have, the Can Wars have...

Do you cringe at the idea of drinking beer from a can?

You are probably a beer snob.

It's okay... just admit it and move on.

There are plenty of great beers that come in cans, says beer expert Matt Simpson.


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How To Host A Beer Tasting Party

08.05.2012 08:59 AM (comments: 0)

August is one of those months that is severely lacking in a solid beer-drinking holiday. That's why we invent our own! You can host a Beer Tasting Party on any old weekend of the year. Why? Well, for one: your friends have been swearing that PBR and Coors Light are the end-all / be-all of beer for way too many years. For another: you love beer and food. If you really need a third reason, consider this: by taking part in a craft brew celebration, you're really sharing in the American Dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So, without further ado, here's all you need to know about hosting your own swanky beer event.

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Arriba! Arriba! Arriba! Mexican Craft Beer with Flair!

08.02.2012 13:22 PM (comments: 0)

Our friends to the south have once again melded two classics (no, not cheese and chips, or tortillas and fajita meat): great craft beer and Mexican wrestling!

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