October 2012

Beer Saves The World!

10.31.2012 15:45 PM (comments: 0)

See! We told you...


Heads up!  The graphic is pretty big!

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Beer Drinking In The Civil War

10.21.2012 11:46 AM (comments: 0)

Beer was an important part of the Civil War. Unlike today, soldiers received beer as part of their official rations.



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Beer for Civil War Nuts

10.21.2012 11:39 AM (comments: 0)

"Many battles have been fought and won by soldiers nourished on beer."

– Frederick The Great

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What you need to know about Keg beer

10.09.2012 18:10 PM (comments: 0)

We were all keg virgins at one time or another. No shame in that. Rest easy, your old buddy SaveOnbrew is here to help you out via our buddies over at Micro Matic.

What You Need to Know About Kegs:

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10 Halloween Beer Costumes

10.06.2012 09:33 AM (comments: 0)

HEY! YOU! YEAH, YOU! Now is a good time to plan your Halloween festivities.

Here are SaveOnBrew's great beer-themed Halloween costumes...

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Founders Brewing Company: A Great American Success Story

10.06.2012 08:42 AM (comments: 0)

The year was 1994.

The place was Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dave Engbers and Mike Stevens were just two college kids trying to scrape by on a dollar and a dream...

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Rachel Ray Show Spotlights SaveOnBrew!

10.05.2012 10:08 AM (comments: 0)

Rachael Ray and Carter Oosterhouse discussed SaveOnBrew on her show today.

See the video after the jump!

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Wait… How Much Did You Pay For That Beer Can?

10.02.2012 12:00 PM (comments: 0)

Beer can collecting! Chicks dig it!

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