November 2012

How To Throw Your Own Krampus Party

11.30.2012 18:35 PM (comments: 0)

This time of year can be nauseating. Seriously, we  can only take so much Christmas music, cookies and holiday cheer.

 For the solution, you need only look to European folklore straight from Bavaria and Austria:


It’s pretty much the most hideous thing you could ever imagine…

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Beer Gadgets: The Fusion Tower

11.30.2012 18:29 PM (comments: 0)

The Fusion Tower is billed as a “creative process for the operator.” And the infused beer it creates is “an utterly magical experience for those lucky enough to drink it.”

Matt Kyle, a 22-year-old entrepreneur from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, sold his car and dropped out of college to further his dream

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Drink Beer For Your Health… James Bond Does It.

11.30.2012 18:24 PM (comments: 0)

James Bond’s beer of choice is a Heineken, as you may have seen in the new Skyfall movie.

Bond is a a “quintessential man of the world,” says Alexis Nasard, chief commercial officer for the brand (As he kicks himself for not coming up with “the most interesting man in the world” concept first.)

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Bacon & Beer: Match Made In Heaven?

11.25.2012 10:19 AM (comments: 0)

Bacon Beer is a real man’s man beer. It’s not necessarily a flavor that your Aunt Marie will love.

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Jim Koch: American Beer Revolutionary

11.25.2012 10:13 AM (comments: 0)

There are many myths about Sam “The Maltster” Adams.

Thomas Jefferson once called him “truly the Man of the Revolution.”...

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How to Save $1,000 For Christmas in 30 Days

11.17.2012 15:31 PM (comments: 0)

Here is a list of ways to pinch your pennies and have an even merrier Christmas without financial stress…

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A Guide to Thanksgiving Beers

11.17.2012 15:24 PM (comments: 0)

No matter how much you love your family, it’s always a bit awkward to see relatives you may not have seen in a while.

Getting through the congestion in the kitchen, the halitosis, the mundane conversations about work and the morning coffee jitters requires our favorite beverage. There are many tasty craft beers made just for this special time of year when you’re one turkey leg away from bashing someone’s skull in… or passing out on the couch.

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Beer for Breakfast Never Looked So Good!

11.17.2012 15:16 PM (comments: 0)

I cook with beer all the time. I woke up feeling guilty that I’ve been enjoying all these amazing flavors without sharing my secrets with all of you. Then I proceeded to make myself Milk Stout French Toast, drink a cup of Founders’ Breakfast Stout, and now here we are.

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad InBev?

11.17.2012 15:11 PM (comments: 0)

Take for example the story of Becks lover Brian Rinfret. He goes gaga for German imports like Spaten, Bitburger and Beck’s. (Who could resist beer from a country that has had a purity law in place since 1516?) Imagine his surprise when he realized he paid full import price for a 12-pack of Beck’s that tasted weak, fizzy and was, in fact, MADE IN THE USA.

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Blue Collar Beer Drinking Tanks With Recession

11.17.2012 15:03 PM (comments: 0)

In any given city, cheap dive bars are being replaced by trendy upscale brewpubs and bars that can get away with charging $6 or $7 a beer.

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