January 2013

Beer In New Orleans

01.31.2013 14:11 PM (comments: 0)

For Super Bowl Week, we’ve talked about beer in San Francisco and beer in Baltimore. Our discussion wouldn’t be complete without mentioning beer in New Orleans, which is home to the Super Bowl this year.

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Super Bowl Beers: Baltimore

01.30.2013 14:06 PM (comments: 0)

This year, we’re going to have a good old-fashioned Beer-Off between San Francisco brewed beers and Baltimore-brewed beers. While you won’t find many beers produced in Baltimore, SaveOnBrew recommends a few…

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Super Bowl Beers: San Francisco

01.29.2013 09:00 AM (comments: 0)

Our goal is to find out: Which city produces the better craft beer – San Francisco or Baltimore? SaveOnBrew recommends that you do the same and challenge your taste buds to try something different, brewed right in San Francisco.

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International Drinking Games

01.26.2013 09:00 AM (comments: 0)

Drinking games are a feature of any place in the world where citizens have joined together to enjoy food and drink—which is to say, every place in the world.

Drinking games have long since brought people together by increasing the social aspect of drinking while also introducing a little friendly competition. Here are some examples of games you might encounter when drinking with friends abroad.

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2013 Super Bowl Beer Consumption

01.25.2013 15:00 PM (comments: 0)

Check out the 2012-2013 SaveOnBrew Super Bowl Infographic. We got the 411 on where all that beer is going to go!

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"The Beer Made Me Do It," Say Inmates

01.24.2013 09:00 AM (comments: 0)

Five inmates in Idaho filed a lawsuit against Miller Brewing Company, Anheuser-Busch Company and Adolph Coors Co., blaming alcohol for their crimes.

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Yuengling Offers New Line of BBQ & Hot Sauce

01.23.2013 14:46 PM (comments: 0)

Move over, Jack Daniels. There’s a new booze-flavored BBQ sauce on the market. America’s oldest brewery will be offering a new line of BBQ and wing sauces in Pennsylvania stores this year. Developed in conjunction with All-N-Food, the sauces will pair perfectly with Yuengling beers and offer hot, medium and mild spice levels.

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SaveOnBrew Exclusive Interview: New Jersey Beer Co Chairman Paul Silverman

01.22.2013 07:44 AM (comments: 0)

New Jersey Beer Co is a young upstart brewery just entering its fourth year of business in "the garden state." They currently offer three flagship beers that speak to every palate -- the Garden State Stout (with notes of chocolate, raisin, espresso and roasted malt); the 1787 Abbey Single Ale (a refreshing session ale); and the Hudson Pale Ale (a bright and hoppy beer). SaveOnBrew tapped the mind of Chairman Paul Silverman to find out more about his New Jersey microbrewery.

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Beer 101: What’s The Difference Between A Stout And A Porter?

01.21.2013 09:00 AM (comments: 0)

Stouts and Porters are two dark beers with a tale to tell. This story takes us to the 18th century pubs of London. Porters were the first beers to be aged at the brewery to create a strong, robust and full-bodied beer. Generally, one part of highly aged beer is blended with two parts of younger ale to produce modern porters. Yet, what you’ll find today is that brewmasters take a lot of creative liberties with their experimentation, which has really blurred any clear distinction between the two styles. Taste all that stouts and porters have to offer with SaveOnBrew's suggestions.

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3 Big Fat Truths About Storing Beer

01.20.2013 12:00 PM (comments: 0)

Here at SaveOnBrew, we whole-heartedly endorse the stomach as the best storage for beer. Sometimes, though, a stomach is not available.

Previously, we discussed the Big Fat Myths About Beer Storage. Here we’d like to talk about why three of the rumors you may have heard about storing beer are actually TRUE…

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