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Another Take: What's a Craft Brew?

02.17.2013 12:13 PM

The battle, seemingly endless, continues to be waged. What is and what is not a craft brew? Is drinking a Shock Top treason? Or a sign that you just don't know any better and we need to make sure you wear your football helmet every time you go outside?

We're as baffled as everyone as to the answers and the passionate answers, no matter how scattered they may be.

The good folks over at the Brewers Association have come up with a handy-dandy chart that might help you: What is a domestic non-craft.

Of course, this might confuse you even more. Oh well, knowledge is power! we say. We also say, hey guys, put the seat down when you're done, huh?

Yeah, we know it's hard to read. So click on the infographic for the BIGGIE size and let the craft beer rage commence!

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