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Cheap Beers: The Best of the Worst

02.04.2013 12:53 PM

Part of what makes the resident beer tasters at SaveOnBrew so special is this: We’re not proud.

Like most passionate beer lovers, we are intrigued by new tastes, flavors and concepts. We got caught up into the craft brew craze as much as anyone else. Many of our lists and recommendations DO come from this ilk.

However, we are also not above throwing back a good old can of PBR or Bud Light, if the situation warrants it.

There are beers to impress your friends with -- beers to savor and enjoy – and there are cheap, everyday beers to take the edge off a long day of work without bankrupting yourself.

Do we believe you can have the best of both worlds – excellent beer for cheap? Uh, YES! That’s why we created SaveOnBrew – to help you find the beer YOU LIKE as it’s ON SALE and cost-effective for you to buy in mass quantities.

That being said, your favorite beer will probably not be on sale every week. Here’s our 2 cents on a few of the everyday cheapies:

  • Natural Light – This is the best-selling beer in the sub-premium category and the fifth best seller overall. Of course, RateBeer reviewers will tell you it is the second-worst beer in the world – right after a 40 of Olde English. It is our professional opinion that this beer is best enjoyed while standing to play beer pong or preoccupied with some other type of drinking game. Luckily, it comes in 30-packs so you will have enough beer to make it to the end of the game. With 4 percent ABV, you might still be standing. Be forewarned: the cloying corn flavor is not particularly enjoyable and the after-effects (mental fogginess) can be nasty.
  • Milwaukee’s Best – With faint notes of corn, cheap cereal, and tin, this is a “lawnmower’s beer.” On the bright side, it’s not too corny or too sweet. On a hot day, it goes down like water. Yet, when drank to excess, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself with a splitting headache and nasty bout of nausea.  
  • Busch – Many people say this beer is reminiscent of “bad breath.” It’s heavy on skunky corn and pure funk. When stacked up against other American beers, the flavor can be downright oppressive – which is probably why our dads liked it. Busch is a real “man’s man” beer – puts a little extra hair on your chest if you can stand it.
  • Miller High Life – The “Champagne of Beers” in all its foamy glory is a nice, light drink that appeals to women – who have the more advanced palette, according to studies. At one time, this sweet, light beer went for premium prices, but became discounted in the 80s, thus downgrading its image.
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon – PBR was the beer of our dads. However, it’s now revamped itself among the hipster demographic as the beer of choice. It’s got a clean, dry taste compared to Bud or Coors Light – which is perhaps why so many people choose it for their marathon drinking.    


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