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5 Days of GUINNESS!!! Win $100 THIS WEEK!

12.10.2012 14:57 PM

SaveOnBrew and Guinness have teamed up to give YOU, the relentless twitterer, a chance to win $100!

Here's how this works...

Each day, around 10 AM CST we'll tell you what to tweet (don't worry, it's about yummy Guinness so everyone wins!)

There will be a NEW tweet each day. Tweet the message and get all of your buddies to tweet the message. Through the magic of hashtags (if you don't know what that is, it's the # in a tweet) the good folks at Guinness find the person who sent the most tweets and lay that $100!


Tweet to win:

Pouring the perfect Guinness pint takes 119.5 secs #Guinness5 #Promo #spon


Tweet to win:

A barrel of Guinness beer is 256 pints #Guinness5 #Promo #spon


Tweet to win:

Guinness hops are boiled at 212F #Guinness5 #Promo #spon


Tweet to win:

3mm pints are made daily at the Dublin Guinness Brewery #Guinness5 #Promo #spon


Tweet to win:

10mm glasses of Guinness are enjoyed daily #Guinness5 #Promo #spon


Some lucky tweeter WILL WIN $100 this week!

Good luck from your friends at Guinness and SaveOnBrew!

Oh, and dig those cool Guinness mugs?  They make a great gift for the Guinness fan in your life...

Pick up a set of on Amazon for just 22 Bucks!

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