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Review: Drinkwel Vitamins (For Beer Drinkers)

01.15.2013 10:42 AM

A vitamin that prevents hangovers? Please. Tell me another one.

I wasn’t buying it for a second, but when I had the opportunity to review the Drinkwel Supplement – vitamin capsules specially designed for beer drinkers – I jumped on it. Deep down, part of me wanted to believe that the next-day brain fog was nothing more than depleted B6. If there is a utopian world where I can drink until my heart’s content and still have full concentration at work the next day, I want to live in it!

Step 1: Get The Supplement.

Drinkwel comes in a bottle or “emergency packets” (perfect for my purse!) like this:

You can order a bottle from AMAZON for $39.95, four To-Go packets for $11.95, or 10 To-Go packets for $19.95. The smaller packets are a nice option if you want to give the supplement a test-drive before you buy. If you're an amazon Prime member, shipping is free!

Note: You can get a FREE sample of the product by visiting the Drinkwel site directly. Just pay $2.95 to ship.

The supplement was designed by two doctors – one who has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science and another who is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. The multivitamin contains 30 ingredients:

Step 2: Prepare Yourself To Get Your Drink On.

You’re directed to take 3 capsules in the morning with food and a full glass of water:

They smell and taste a little like horse food, but it would only be “unpleasant” if you were a whiny baby. To grown adults, it’s really nothing whatsoever. I’m famous for choking on horse pills, yet these capsules went down very easily, without incident. There were times I didn’t take the capsules with food. No biggie.

Step 3: Imbibe.

Next, they say you should “drink responsibly” – which we say, too – like a nagging mom, even though we know you won’t. For the purposes of this informal study, I put my liver through hell on earth for you. “If one is to be a human guinea pig, one should go ALL THE WAY”… is what I always say. So…

  • One day, I downed a 750 ML bottle of red wine. (Don’t judge me. It was Thanksgiving.) For NYE, it was Champagne.
  • Another occasion, I drank a six-pack of mixed craft brews that ranged from a light hoppy pilsner to a dark creamy porter.
  • Over the holidays, I had one “ultimate rager” evening of 10 beers – all the same: Sam Adams Winter Ale.
  • There were many days where I had 1-3 drinks after work… or sometimes during work… simply because I can.
  • Some days I took the supplement, but did not drink anything.

* Please note: I'd never recommend doing this to yourself. Even if you don’t feel the consequences, your liver is not a happy camper.

Step 4: Replenish.

Each night, after my drinking was finished and just before passing out, I downed a glass of water and 3 more capsules.

Step 5: Feel… AWESOME!

The first thing you’ll notice upon waking up is that you’re walking to the toilet, not stumbling. That is a good sign! A casual glance in the bowel after the mornings consitutional might be a shocker the first few times.

“Great Odin’s Raven! What have I done to myself?” you'll exclaim, but probably with different words.

Not to be too graphic, but the toilet bowl will reflect a radioactive shade of neon yellow back at you.

This is just your body ridding itself of all the extra vitamins it didn’t need. I call this “good bang for your buck.”

For the first few days, you may find that your body flushes out all toxins … that old cheeseburger kicking around your colon, the McRib still sticking to your ribs, the box of Girl Scout cookies you gobbled in one fell swoop only to later hate yourself. All of it GONE in several decisive flushes of the commode! This all seems normal – and good. Soon it’s business-as-usual.

What is MOST striking about the Drinkwel Supplement is the way your BRAIN feels. I was – and still am – utterly astounded by the mental clarity I feel.

Me with 10x Mental Clarity

In fact, I would go so far as to say I have never felt so fog-free and mentally energetic. As I’ve gotten older, I had routinely felt an oppressive cloud hanging over my mind. It was hard to predict when it would happen, but those days would just be less productive. But on the Drinkwel Supplement, I felt wonderful – refreshed and alert – every single day, regardless of how much I drank the night before! This leads me to believe I have probably been walking around vitamin-deprived for years.

Results may vary. I can only speak to my own personal experience, but I’m hooked. I promptly ordered Bottle #2.


Exclusive SaveOnBrew Interview With Drinkwel CEO & Co-Founder Mike McAdams:

After the trial, I had a few burning questions I wanted to hear straight from the source. We thought they were questions you might have too… so check out this exclusive SaveOnBrew interview with Drinkwel CEO & Co-Founder Mike McAdams! 

SOB: What makes Drinkwel unique from other multivitamins and supplements on the market?

MM:We’re the only people crazy enough to come up with a 30-ingredient multivitamin specifically formulated for adult beverage consumers.

SOB: How did you come up with the idea for vitamins designed for beer drinkers?

MM:I grew up in an ULTRA healthy family. We’re talking organic baby food before organic was a thing. In college, I drank a lot and wasn’t exactly the picture of health I wanted to be, so I started researching ways to help out. What I ended up with was a closet full of different vitamins, which I wasn’t afraid to pass out to friends when I knew we were getting crazy. Eventually, we put it all together and started a company. Done and done.

SOB: Do people need to keep taking this supplement every day in order for it to be effective, or can they just take 3 capsules before and after they drink?

MM: We absolutely recommend daily use, if possible. But we get it. Our product is expensive. So if you’re trying to save money for beer, just take Drinkwel when drinking. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed. At the risk of sounding cheesy… our product is backed by a guarantee: feel healthier or get all your money back, including shipping. No sending the product back, no waiting on hold, no corporate BS.

SOB: What kind of testing was done on this product before it reached the market?

MM:Does testing on our friends and selves count? Because we did a lot of that. In all seriousness/legalese, Drinkwel is a safe and an all-natural dietary supplement that meets the strict safety standards of the Dietary Health and Supplements Act and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

SOB: The ingredient list says there is 6,667% the recommended daily value of thiamin / B1 and 5,000% the recommended daily value of Vitamin B12. Why so high?

MM:Sounds like a ton, right? But thiamin/B1 and vitamin B12 are critical for people who regularly partake as drinking depletes these vitamins. And since they’re water soluble, as in you pee any excess out, it’s better to have too much than too little.

SOB: There are tons of great reviews on Amazon so far. Do you have any high-profile or celebrity endorsements?

MM:Nope. We’re still waiting to hear back from Lindsey Lohan, though.

SOB: What was the most interesting feedback you received about your supplement?

MM: 'Drinkwel turned my pee into a laser light show.' Because Drinkwel/multivitamins can turn your urine a bright yellow color, we get a lot of feedback on this subject. Luckily, this is simply your body excreting excess riboflavin, vitamin B2. In the Drinkwel offices, we now call this the 'lightshow.' 

SOB: What are your favorite beers?

MM: Ah, beer. My main focus is to try new beer, but offhand: Red Tail, Lagunitas IPA, Firestone Pale 31, Old Rasputin, Keystone Ice (don’t ask), and anything by Craftsman Brewing or Bootlegger’s Brewery.

SOB:Ah, A Man After our own hearts! We, too, have many different thirsts for beer here at SaveOnBrew. Thanks for the interview! Any final last words?

MM: Sure - Because our society can lack common sense, please make sure everyone understands this information is not intended as medical advice and is for entertainment purposes only. If they have any questions, they should consult their medical professional. It is important to booze responsibly.

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