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SaveOnBrew 2012-2013 Beer Prices at NBA Arenas

12.08.2012 10:49 AM

It's that time of the year!

Tattoo-covered warriors THUNDER down the court at a medium jog...

They LEAP to reach the hoop six inches over their head...

They SLAM the ball into the net for 48 GRUELING minutes...

Then they take their Bentley's and Lambo's to their mansion in the suburbs, not realizing they're simply living in the moment, and that 60-80% of them will file for bankruptcy within 5 years of retirement.

Do we sound bitter? You would be too if you were a seasoned beer-drinker going broke going to an NBA game and sipping on nine-dollar flat, warm beer. GRRR!


Here's the 2012-2013 chart! Click to see the ENORMO full size!

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