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Super Bowl Sunday, Beer, and You.

01.28.2012 05:00 AM

Super Bowl Beer Consumption 2012
(click image for the biggie size...)

Sure, there are all sorts of cool things that pop on Super Bowl Sunday.

  • The friends...
  • The parties...
  • The food...
  • The game...


Never wanting to miss an opportunity to see how our most beloved adult bevy impacts American culture, we wondered: Exactly how much brew is America tipping back during “the big game?

More importantly, how much money could SaveOnBrew save our fellow Americans?

In what is most certainly a scientific study, our conclusion was “a shitload.”

We had to start somewhere, so we looked to the good people at Nielsen who, whilst not peeking into our living rooms to check to see if we’re still watching Jersey Shore (we're not...)

also collect scads of data on consumer purchases.

SaveOnBrew interpolated the consumption from last year’s Super Bowl (49.3 million cases) into this year. How did we get to 50 million cases? We guessed! (but we’re predicting a slight uptick in 2011 consumption and thus, we bumped it to 50 million cases. Besides, it made all the math easier.)

Now, we know you’ve told us a hundred million times not to exaggerate. FIFTY MILLION CASES!? Yeah. Really. But get this. The Beer Institute (that must be a cool place to work) guesses that GAME DAY CONSUMPTION will be 325M gallons! At first you might think, yeah? So? What’s the big deal? Well if the Beer Institute is right (and we think they might have skipped the "pass" part of puff-puff-pass)...

.... that means that enough beer is being consumed on that ONE DAY that every single man, woman and child in the entire country is drinking about ten beers.

Now THAT’S a lot of beer. Anyway, we cooked up our cool infographic (up there at the top...) that spells it all out.

It’s really pretty simple:

  • You buy the beer...
  • You drink the beer…
  • You whiz it away, only to move on to the next...

Sing it with us: It’s the circle… the CIRCLE OF LIFE!

Since you’re drinking all that beer anyway, save a few bucks by checking out www.SaveOnBrew.Com first. Put in your zip code, find the lowest advertised deals. Simple! Our Super Bowl prediction:

(If the Texans hadn’t lost…)

Houston Texans: 312

New York Giants: 2

(But since they did…)

New England Patriots 30

New York Giants 27

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