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SaveOnBrew Exclusive Interview: Rob Bailey of 512PONG

10.16.2013 11:33 AM

A quick side-trip from our Brewer Interview series to chat with Rob Bailey of Austin's 512PONG.

Some of you might have not kept up with his this sport has grown since your college days of downing warm Pabst from those red solo cups.  Trust us, its come a loooong way!

SaveOnBrew: Hi Rob! Tell us how you got involved in Beer Pong?

Rob Bailey: I started playing Beer Pong in College and five years ago I got involved in promoting competitive weekly tournaments. About two years ago I began running World Series of Beer Pong Satellites which the winners receive free entry into the $50,000 World Championships. In the past two years I have sent ten teams to the World Series of Beer Pong.

SOB: How often do you have tournaments?

RB: Usually about once a month.

My next tournament, “The Texas Showdown,” is October 19 and 20 at Old School Bar & Grill in Austin, Texas.

The tournament consists of a Singles tournament and World Series of Beer Pong Satellite Tournament on Saturday and 6 Player Squad Tournament on Sunday.

SOB: Can anyone play?

RB: Sure -- as long as you're at least 21. The tournaments on Saturday are Singles and World Series of Beer Pong Satellite. Sunday is reserved for the six-player squads from different regions in Texas. We get teams from San Antonio, San Marcos, Dallas, Houston, Austin and South Texas. And this year we have two six-player ladies teams!

(Editors note: definitely NOT ladies!)

SOB: Are you playing with beer?

RB: No, we play with water in cups.  Players are welcome to drink beverages during the games. We play like this for sanitary reasons. Balls get loose once in a while and roll across the bar room floor. That generally discourages people from wanting to drink something with said ball floating in it.

SOB: Tell us a little bit about “Party Elbow Rules” compared to “Professional Lean Beer Pong Rules” and the rules your tournament plays by.

RB: I think the difference is the goals of the players involved. The goal of every player that plays “Professional Rules” or WSOBP rules is to be the World Champion at the end of the year and to win $50,000 at The World Series of Beer Pong. “Party or Elbow Rules” are played more for fun and to socialize.

SOB: How do you think the game Beer Pong has evolved from a frat or college game?

RB: Beer Pong has evolved into a sport. Players of all ages enjoy the game. The competitiveness, accuracy and the ability to make cups under pressure are all part of the game.

SOB: How can players find out more information on “The Texas Showdown?”

RB: Check out the 512PONG Facebook page. “The Texas Showdown” will be under the events page.

Thanks for talking to us, Rob. Fifty-thousand dollars... who knew!?

If you're not going to play (this time) at least go out, grab a beer, and watch the action!

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