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This Summer... Beer For Dogs?

07.13.2012 12:01 PM

It's no secret that our animal friends also have a palate for beer...

Famous champion race horse Zenyatta receives a bucket of Guinness after she crosses the finish line. (Is there any wonder how she won first place in 19 consecutive races?)

In Boston, an unruly gang of local cows crashed a wedding party, tipped all the bottles over and lapped beer off the tables -- that is, until the cops came and broke up the party.

The elephants of Guwahati, India "really relish guzzling rice beer, which many tribal people and tea garden workers ferment at home," says local elephant expert Kushal Konwar Sharma. (But you want to stay out of their way, as they've been known to go on drunken rampages and stampede entire families.) 


An uppity bear at a Washington State Park wouldn't touch Busch, but he did drink 36 cans from local brewer Rainier.

Everyone knows monkeys can't get enough of beer. You don't want to get between a monkey and her beer. (She will mess you UP!)

Then, of course, there are the animals that are nearest and dearest to us -- cats and dogs.

I'm not a fan of dogs helping themselves to beer -- unless it's someone else's. There is always that one drunk who spills beer or passes out cup-in-hand. That's fair game. But do dogs really need beer to be man's best friend?

A Seattle company thinks so. But at $20 a six-pack, I tend to disagree. My dog can live without dog craft brew.

The non-alcoholic, non-carbonated Bowser Beer first debuted last summer, but is now available in 42 states. The two flavors -- Cock-a-Doodle-Brew and Beefy Brown Ale -- are made with meat broth and malt barley with added glucosamine to promote joint health. You won't find any hops -- which is toxic to dogs.

There are many ways to serve Bowser Beer. You can pour it in a bowl, freeze it in ice cube trays, mix it with pumpkin for Thanksgiving dinner or give it to your dog straight from the bottle. 

The woman behind this madness, Jenny Brown, says she first created the beer to go with the peanut butter and molasses dog pretzels they were making for local fairs. "It just seemed like the dogs would want a beer with their pretzels," Brown explained. She says it was an instant hit "because people love to pal around with their pets."

Her website offers custom labels, with photos of your dog. You can name your dog's beer "I Don't Give A Shih-Tzu Brew" or give your guide dog "I Only Have Eyes For You Brew."

Dog People... they're so weird, aren't they?

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