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SaveOnBrew's Best Cheap American Beers

05.29.2012 15:33 PM

If you were in Hanoi, Vietnam, you’d be able to find a beer comparable to a Bud Light for just 16 cents per glass. If you see the words “Bai Hoi” (fresh beer), you know exactly where to go.

In America, finding cheap beer at the local convenience mart isn’t terribly complicated, but finding cheap beer that is also palatable is where things get tricky. At, we’ve compiled a list of beers around a-buck-a-piece that are surprisingly smooth. You might always have that Victory Beer or that Guinness guilty pleasure in your fridge, but here are a few honest beers to stock as your “everyday budget brew.”

Shiner Bock

shiner bock

With notes of sweet caramel, toasted malt and light hop, Shiner Bock is an honest and safe amber beer, influenced by the Bavarians, made in Texas.

  • Six Pack: $6.99

Butternuts Beer & Ale’s Moo Thunder Stout

moo thunder stout

Moo Thunder Stout is a no-fuss sweet chocolate malt beer with low carbonation and medium body.

  • Six Pack: $6.99


Dundee Original Honey Brown Lager

dundee original

It’s easy to see why this sweet malty lager is Dundee’s top selling beer.

  • Six Pack: $6.49


Budweiser American Ale

budweiser american ale

It’s light-bodied, goes down easy and has a slight citrus flavor: it’s “distinctly American.”

  • Six Pack: $6.35


Bud Light Golden Wheat

bud light wheat

Instead of barley, you get the taste of malted wheat, with hints of coriander and citrus, in this super light beer.

  • Six Pack: $5.99   


Miller Chill

miller chill

This is what you get when you mix beer, salt and lime juice for a Mexican-influenced chelada style drink.

  • Six Pack: $5.99


Rolling Rock Extra Pale Ale

rolling rock

This low-alcohol beer is pale, crisp and bubbly with hints of malt, rice and corn.

  • Six Pack: $5.75


Dundee Assorted Craft Pack

dundee craft pack

You’ll get a clean, crisp Kolsch Ale, a dark Stout, a malty Pale Bock Lager, and a bitter IPA. 

  • Twelve Pack: $10.99 (If you split it with a friend, that’s $5.49 for six.)


Yuengling Lager

yuengling lager

This smooth, clean lager is the flagship beer of America’s oldest brewery.

  • Six Pack: $5.29


Miller High Life

miller high life

The “Champagne of Beers” is light, bubbly and refreshing, with little flavor -- but little aftertaste.

  • Six Pack: $4.99


Pabst Blue Ribbon


PBR has gained a reputation as a “hipster” beer because it’s so cheap. It’s watery with a hint of grain, but palatable – especially for career-drinkers.

  • Six Pack: $4.49


Coors Extra Gold Lager

coors extra gold

Get a little more flavor with the toasty roasted malts in this Coors specialty beer.

  • Six Pack: $3.99


Genesee Cream Ale

genny cream ale

Rochester NY delivers an old-style lager with a golden color and a sweet nose, ideal for summer BBQs.

  • Six Pack: $3.99


Simpler Times Lager

simpler times lager

You get a lot of bang for your buck with 6.2% ABV, even if there is a little sweet tea bitterness and cloying in the middle.

  • Six Pack: $3.99


Lionshead Pilsner

lionshead pilsner

Lionshead is dry, crisp, and balanced between sweet and bitter, with a slight metal aftertaste.

  • Six Pack: $3.96


Note: All prices are approximate & subject to change by geographic location & beer merchant. Please see the beer price search engine for the best advertised deals in your zip code!

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