Save Some Cash on Beer!

PART 2 - Avoiding the Hangover

Here are a few tips for next time.

Don't drink on an empty stomach! You drank on an empty stomach, didn't you? Again!?

Eat starchy foods. Like a potato stuffed with bread crumbs, rice, fettuccine, in a Swiss cheese sherry wine sauce topped with bacon. MMMmmmm. Bacon!

Vomit or potato? YOU DECIDE!

Limit yourself to one drink per hour (EDITORS NOTE: Uh huh. Sure! Thanks, Mom!).

Remember: Beer before liquor gets you sicker. Liquor before beer and you're in the clear. See? Uncle Larry CAN teach you valuable life lessons! Also, you might think it's manly to drink that Jack and Coke or your fine single-malt scotch. Don't.

Those dark liquors have high levels of "congeners" in them. What are congeners? Well... well... just because we can't tell you doesn't mean we don't know! They're bad. Trust us.

Plus there's this:

And those sweet drinks? With all the swirly colors? The little umbrellas? The twisty straws served up in the zany glasses and sold at outrageous prices?

Skip 'em. Trust us, it's not "like a party in your mouth!" (EDITORS NOTE: There's a punch line looking for a joke right there...)

Not only can you not afford the calories, but all that sugar makes it hard to judge the alcohol content. But then again... prom only comes once! We keed! We keed!

Before you go to bed (pass out?) chug as much water as you can. Good side: less chance of hangover due to well-hydrated body. Bad side: sleeping on a cold urine-soaked mattress for 10+ hours.

Of course... you could just not drink... so much. BUT YOU DID...

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