Save Some Cash on Beer!

PART 3 - Curing the Hangover

So it's the next morning. You didn't take our advice, did you?

And now poor baby's hurting. Head pounding. Vision blurry. Sick to your stomach. Weak. Tastes like someone took a dump in your mouth. You know what I'm talking about...


Now, we're going to approach the "cure" in three ways: Probably works, worth a shot, and WTF?


1) Water (get hydrated). Remember the slogan: "water does a body good."

Or, hey, be a big spender and treat yourself to a bottle of Gatorade! It has ELECTROLYTES!

2) Vitamins, particularly C. It may help increase the rate of alcohol breakdown.

Interesting side note: We contacted the Federal Council for Vitamin C Research (FCVCR) and they told us that it's a proven fact that Vitamin C is both a powerful aphrodisiac and can lengthen the human penis by more than two inches! **

** NOT a fact. And there is no Council. Simply wishful thinking.

3) Acetaminophen (not aspirin or ibuprofen) -- unless you have liver damage. In that case, you probably shouldn't drink. AT ALL!

4) More sleep.

5) Berocca!

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