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About SaveOnBrew: SaveOnBrew.Com is a beer price-search engine. Put in your zip code, find beer deals. It's that simple. Started in 2010 by thirsty Texas beer drinkers, SaveOnBrew has posted more than 45 million beer deals.

On any give day you can find upwards of 300,000 specials on beer listed on our site at more than 50,000 retail locations across the United States. We add more stores (and more deals) on a daily basis.

SOB also publishes a beer drinkers "lifestyle blog" where we post funny, entertaining, and sometimes educational articles directed primarily toward the "20-something" audience.

The SaveOnBrew web site is also customized for popular mobile devices. Visitors using a mobile device and visiting www.SaveOnBrew.Com will be served with a web site customized to their platform.

Want to hear more about SaveOnBrew? (We love to talk about it!) Call...

Media Affairs Representative

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Jennifer Davidson
Email: Jennifer@SaveOnBrew.Com
Phone: (713) 412-9057

Secondary Contact

Mark Davidson
Phone: (713) 503-6104 

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