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So we asked ourselves, “what makes a really good privacy policy?”

The answer? "Short. Sweet. And incredibly awesome."

So go grab a brew and dig in to the SaveOnBrew.Com privacy policy. Maybe spill a little for the homey's, know what we're sayin'?

SaveOnBrew.Com has created this policy to show our commitment to the privacy of those who use the SaveOnBrew.Com website.

Information gathered/collected during your session is kept to a minimum and SaveOnBrew.Com is the sole owner of this information. We will not sell/share/rent/or release this information under any circumstance. 

Cookies are used for the purpose of controlling page views. “Session cookies” are not linked to any sort of personal information and are deleted after about ten minutes.

For optimal web site interaction, you should make sure that your browser accepts cookies. SaveOnBrew.Com contains links to other web sites. We are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of those sites. Duh!

SaveOnBrew.Com is an ad-supported site. Please visit our advertisers, but keep in mind that we have not/can not validate the claims of advertisers.

Log files of ip addresses are kept for the purposes of site administration. We can not use the ip address to track you down unless we go through the seven layers of bureaucratic hell.

Have a question about the privacy policy? Drop us a line.

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